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What is YUKTI

“YUKTI” the public policy internship of Yogya-Empowering Society facilitates various areas where students can grow and learn in the domain of policy drafting and simultaneously understanding the Working Model of the Delhi government. Taking into account the varied interest of candidates, Yukti will provide areas of research to specialize in. We connect students to various think tanks and research organizations working independently in Delhi. With an aim of betterment of the public interest sector, Yukti boards the path of Public Policy. ”YUKTI” is well versed with the fact that we need more top-level research centres and Yogya-Empowering Society works as an engine of development in this area.


A. Yukti Online Internship Yukti introduces its Online Internship for the coming months. The Internship focuses on building research skills amongst students and simultaneously coming up with qualitative research for academicians, scholars and other people in the field. Yukti Internship shall give selected interns the opportunity to work with Member of Parliament. The procedures is as follows:
1. Assigning the decided Mentor and topic to the Interns.
2. Weekly meeting/conversation/talk between the Mentor (Member of Parliament) and the Intern on the proceeds of work, suggestions, inputs and other relevant discussions.
3. Final Submission of work done by Interns to the Mentor and presenting a Virtual Certificate of Internship to the interns who successfully complete the Internship.


Students, PhD Scholars, Researchers and academicians of law, psychology, sociology, political science, medicine or IT, social studies, or from research background are eligible to apply. Duration of Internship The Time Period of the internship is one month and it may be extend on the basis of the work required. Starting from June First week.


✔ Yukti department works with Delhi government on given projects
✔ Yukti department works with organisations in Delhi and submit the projects after the primary research done by the students.


"Policy-makers continue to discover that they cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s mindsets"
Widad Akrawi

"References to everybody just disturb me, and it also disturbs me that the people who make policy are not the same people who live policy. When we talk about everybody, we are leaving a whole lot of bodies out."

"Julianne MalveauxPolicy-makers continue to discover that they cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s mindsets."
Julianne Malveaux

"The world is better served by syncretic economists and policymakers who can hold multiple ideas in their heads than by ‘one-handed’ economists who promote one big idea regardless of context."
Dani Rodrik