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YOGYA-EMPOWERING SOCIETY is an independent think tank cumulative the efforts of students, policy researchers, legal advisors to provide efforts for nation-building collectively.
Yogya-Empowering Society constructs valuable research in policy and legal for an intending to provide a substantial amount of input for improving the domains of law and policy. We work with centres of public policy, governing bodies for the right of women and child enabling field research to become a yardstick for transformation.
Our work also includes social engagements with NGOs and civil society on a real ground. We develop engagement with various realm of public life through involving the young future of the nation. Our goal remains to build governance through YOGYA-EMPOWERING SOCIETY's young hands.


VIDHIK (Legal) "Vidhik" is a Legal Internship program. It is an intermediate through which young law students can connect as well as work with lawyers and advocates who are working with determination in the field of law and serving society. VIDHIK interns become a part of the process of not only learning but experiencing law under the eminent personalities of the profession.

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Parivartan aims to revolve around the issues of society and its close analysis. Parivartan has been developed on the lines of “transformation through participation”. We envision to create this branch of YOGYA-EMPOWERING SOCIETY to provide social internships to the candidates. The sole motto of this branch is CHANGE & INITIATIVE

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YUKTI” the public policy internship of Yogya-Empowering Society facilitates various areas where students can grow and leam in the domain of policy drafting and simultaneously understanding the Working Model of the Delhi government. Taking into account the varied interest of candidates, Yukti will provide areas of research to specialize in. We connect students to various think tanks and research organizations working independently in Delhi. With an aim of betterment of the public interest sector, Yukti boards the path of Public Policy.

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KHOJ” a knowledge-based branch of Yogya-Empowering Society is a bridge between the students and their goals. It encourages bright and talented students to develop the skills needed to achieve their aim. It facilitates young heroes with equipment of knowledge, exposure, analytical skills, confidence, and personality building which helps them to have an advantage at a very young age.

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A society is a web of infinite series of ideas, work, experience, facts, issues, etc. which is needed to be kept in the account for the betterment and upliftment of the society. Research is a catalyst for critical societal development. Research gives a bag of knowledge, information, utility, space to think of numerous collected ideas of possessing them. The fact that research helps to solve the world faced problems and issues with scientific and analytical deals can’t be denied. So hence, research optimizes the way to easy a journey bridge to the solution and a gateway to a vast field of knowledge. “KHOJ” is an attempt to read the society very closely along with young aspiring minds tackling and dealing and understanding the social issues through the medium of “RESEARCH.” In colleges this is well known by the name of “R&D” i.e.; research and development and the “KHOJ” is an attempt to eliminate this myth that only “R&D” is beneficial for the college students or researchers or fellow researchers or professors or Ph.D. candidates but research can be done by anyone, anywhere and with any medium. So, as “KHOJ” by its name depict the intent to aspire young growing tangled minds in the discipline of “RESEARCH” and help them grow and aspire in meadows of probing investigating the society and world at large.

Personality development

“KHOJ” aims to foster the habit of investigating young little brains of our country where the focus is to encourage the students to inculcate the habits of research in them. The main help which “RESEARCH” would do as, in the development of skills, ideas of the students is that, it will enhance courage and confidence and help is carried out with a lot of patience. The importance of research is attested by various experts in all fields. Hence, research is a dynamic, progressive and multidimensional concept in the modern world. Hence, our main aim is to develop the idea of students and enhance their personal development and make their upliftment in society.” KHOJ” deals with all such dogmas of the research of the modern demanding world and make them prepare to stand sturdy

Extra edge

Benefits across the walls are the real moto of the “KHOJ RESEARCH PROGRAMME”. When’s the wall of textual data analysis provides you an edge on restrictions and you are left with no more options but just to GOOGLE it !! its where you are also doing research and a good verse of research on the very advanced form is what we call researchers research. The main purpose of the research is to get deep into the topic, provided you put the best of your expertise and skill in it. Research would enhance your working capacity and levels of ideas.


Ensuing time will mark the presence of aforesaid venture called “KHOJ”.As we know this research will help in the development of student's future aspirations. The research will help the students to plane. It will help to get to know about their plans and will make them aware of their scope of interest and about the future ideas in a fence of extended walls. If a student who is in class 10th gets to know his area of interest in fashion as well as designing and hence wish to become a fashion designer then, research would help him to grab this area and will provide with a lot of information regarding the areas of interest as like how can he start with the basic journey, what fields should be chosen after his 10th boards exams and so on. Hence, also research helps out to solve future stratum related issues and will help with the succeeding journey of their viability. Writing skills Scribbling is an art not too easy to be cultivated. But research would help in case to collect a lot of data, facts before writing any of the opus or compositions. “KHOJ” is an attempt to inflate the writing skills of the students through the apparatus of scrutiny, investigation, fact-finding, analysis, indignation, and probing. Investigation and research will help the students to know or gain more knowledge and ideas and will increase their general knowledge and data regarding any research topics.


The sophomore has always been called up as careless fellows of their down rounded fire mind because of their aggressive nature of young revolting nature. “KHOJ” will not only help out to develop the habits of researching but also will help out with getting addicted and fanatical and enthusiastic about working solutions through research works. Whereby in the old chronical of textual world knowledge it was tough and sturdy and durable to find the solution to any problem. But now in the decade of the 20th century, through the excess of various mass media and internet probe world research can pay back you more than what you do through basic homespun data. “KHOJ” promises you to work throughout your journey and will assist you to find the best out of your carrier ways and in any scope of visibility.

Our Volunteers

Our strength is our volunteers YES’s volunteers is not only volunteers we are the family Yogya has an integral support in the form of the "young army of volunteers" from various walks of disciplines. Our young hands carry a heart full of empathy for the society and sensitivity to identify the needs of the society. Join hands with us in catering the welfare of the society while we are still energetic and young.


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Founder & President

“I believe that society doesn’t need a hero, Rather it desires those who never wait for someone to be a hero.”


Co-Founder & secretary

“Society will be empowered only when every child of the society will be educated.”


Executive founder

"Making a difference should not be a dream, rather a journey to live for"

Yash Nirwan

Project Manager & Executive member

“Discipline is a part of my professional training as a lawyer”

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Yogya-Empowering Society is an independent think tank the cumulative efforts of students, policy researchers, legal advisory to provide efforts for nation-building collectively Yogyaa constructs valuable research in policy and legal for an intending to provide a substantial amount of input for improving the domains of law and policy.

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